Explore your business in a whole new way with products from Tulo

Tulo’s products are market leaders in Sweden and Finland. We have 20 years of experience in developing products and services for newspapers and media companies – everything from data and business platforms to apps and e-publishing.

Tulo’s products help you understand your customers and develop your digital presence. Everything to strengthen your business!

Tulo Engage

Tulo Engage products help you in the media business understand and engage your audience.  Explore your business and create new digital revenues. It’s time to engage!

It’s time to Engage!

Take a look at our new product family

Tulo Engage Reporter


Tulo Engage Reporter is our new app for all reporters. Here you can follow what really engages your readers. Get a quick overview of what your readers think. Exciting to follow which article creates the most buzz!

Tulo Engage Data


Data tells interesting stories. About your business and your content. Who reads it and what engages. With Tulo Engage Data, we help you to understand your audience and develop your business.

Tulo Engage Subscriber


With Tulo Engage Subscriber app, you get a quick overview of all your relevant business data. Follow campaigns, subscriptions, orders and more. The figures are updated daily to keep track of your business.

Tulo PayWay is a business platform for subscriptions, broadly used by the media industry. Implementation is flexible, from out of the box solutions to a powerful API – to build your business model in the way you want to.


E-magin is our product for e-paper publishing and reading

It lets your readers dive into your printed products, on any digital device like a mobile, a tablet or a desktop. It has automatic uploads and easy management of your publications. And you can add interactive content as forms, videos and links. Enhance the experience with E-magin!