Update: One-Time Password

UPDATE 2024-03-11: One-time passwords are now accessible for Customer Service Agents. Customers experiencing sign-in issues can contact your customer service team and get the help they need.

🛡️ Increase the logged-in users with One-Time Passwords (OTP)! 🛡️

Boost customer satisfaction in the login process with our latest feature: One-Time Passwords. Seamlessly integrated into our existing login process, OTPs provide a great complement to today’s experience. Customers can request a unique code on the login page, ensuring hassle-free and secure access. 

One-time passwords are unique codes generated for each login attempt, ensuring unparalleled security for your users. With One-Time Passwords, you can choose whether the code contains a combination of numbers and letters or solely numerical characters, all conveniently configured from within the Payway admin portal.

This new feature is live in the production environment and can be activated under:
Control panel > Configurations > One-time password > Enabled.

Note! This new feature comes with a new event that triggers a new mail, contact our support to customize the mail according to your specific requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact our support >>