Device and session limitations

Device and session limitations will help you discourage your customers from sharing their account password instead of sharing their subscription.

In Payway Admin, you define a specific number of allowed active sessions per account. Then, when the customer tries to log in and this number is exceeded, you can react to this fact in your own SSO implementation with the strategy you think is the best. For example, a simple strategy we have implemented in the Payway Portal (My account) is to present a dialog to the customer with an option to log out of one of the other devices to continue the login process. Different strategies could be to log out all active sessions before proceeding and perhaps also issue a password reset for the account.

Administrative views for sessions are available for the customer as a self-service feature and customer service staff. Remember that you can always try new features in our Payway stage environment.

With “Limitations”

  • You will reduce the risk of misusing and sharing accounts with other persons. Every time a password is shared, you will lose revenue.​
  • You will reduce the risk of account detail manipulation by persons other than the account owner.​
  • You will Increase overall security when everybody logs in with their account details.​
  • You will give more control to the account owner of which devices are being used. Making it possible to view active sessions with device information and log out unwanted sessions.​

By promoting subscription sharing

  • You will have more identified users that use your products.​
  • More users using your products reduces the risk of churn.​
  • More users increases the possibility of working with personalization.​
  • More users increases the possibility for more revenue when a shared account purchases their subscription.​

Do you want to know more?

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This feature requires a working SSO2 single sign-on implementation at your websites.