Tulo Engage Reporter

With Tulo Engage Reporter, you as a reporter can follow what really engages your readers. With the new app you can see what people are reading, what engages and which articles contribute to actual purchases.

Create engagement

Articles can engage in different ways. With the app you will come a little closer to your readers. Here you get a quick overview of your articles, interactions and engagement.

The app is individual for you as a reporter. Data is collected from the websites your articles are published on and the result is then presented in your Android or iOS device.

Check your numbers

Follow your data and understand your readers. In the app you quickly get your individual numbers, illustrating what your readers think. Fast and easy to follow.

Article views, reads, interactions, and purchases can be analyzed with the help of simple time filters that make it possible to display data from today, yesterday and the last seven days.

Case Study

Data has become a huge part of our daily work. There is a lot to learn from data – what customer click on, what they read, what they purchase etc. All these interactions done by a customer gives us a better understanding of our product.

One of the questions we ask ourselves is if data is for everyone. We believe so but if you give all data to everyone no one will understand it. Well, a data scientist will, but no one else until they get reports customized for their role. We have made it our mission to solve that with the Tulo Engage products. We believe in easy to learn and easy to use products. We believe in presenting the right data for each and every role.

With Tulo Engage Reporter we have been focusing on the role of a reporter. A tool to present the most important KPIs for a reporter. A tool where the reporter can compare their progress with themselves or others when it comes to reader engagement. For the presentation, we believe the reporters are mobile, so we created a mobile app where everyone can have access to their data directly in their pocket. When testing this on reporters from Norran, a media house based in Skellefteå, they say they love the easy access, updated in real-time.

Feedback from Norran:

  • Pedagogical, a tool you really like to use
  • Great to get immediate feedback, helps thinking on follow-ups
  • Easy to follow the life-cycle of an article
  • Great that it’s personal, helps a reporter in its daily job
  • Push notifications are great as reminders
  • The fact it’s an app is fantastic as its really easy to access

It’s time to Engage!

Take a look at our new product family

Tulo Engage Reporter


Tulo Engage Reporter is our new app for all reporters. Here you can follow what really engages your readers. Get a quick overview of what your readers think. Exciting to follow which article creates the most buzz!

Tulo Engage Data


Data tells interesting stories. About your business and your content. Who reads it and what engages. With Tulo Engage Data, we help you to understand your audience and develop your business.

Tulo Engage Subscriber


With Tulo Engage Subscriber app, you get a quick overview of all your relevant business data. Follow campaigns, subscriptions, orders and more. The figures are updated daily to keep track of your business.

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Follow your data and see what really engages your readers

Get a quick overview of all your relevant business data

Understand your audience and develop your business

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