With M3, our platform for mobile devices, tablets and desktop, you get a flexible solution for your digital material. Editorial content, video feeds from social media and advertisements are optimized for each screen size, delivering the best user experience. With M3, you can thus easily publish your editorial and advertising content in all channels from a single platform and editor.


Adaptive Content Engine

M3 is a content engine that consists of three parts; loading content, processing and publishing on mobile or web site. M3’s content API can load content from any system that can deliver data in RSS, XML or JSON format. Examples of systems are editorial systems, advertising systems, GuideMaker-guides, flows from Instagram or weather data from SMHI. The data is processed in various ways, such as by date sorting and formatting so that the expulsion will be correct. The content will then appear on websites in HTML templates specially built for your needs and adapted to the respective screen size.

Modular systems

The content is displayed on sites in modules linked to certain content. M3 contains different views depending on whether you are in a section or specific article. There is support for different article views per section, for example for Sports and Culture & Entertainment. The appearance of the modules in M3 are controlled by a layer of HTML and CSS and customized based on your graphic profile. The modules can also be timed so that certain content appears only during a certain time of day.

Site Editor

The site editor in M3 supports version control, timing control, image processing (resizing static or dynamic), pruning and caching. Of course there is also support for page handling, and geolocation. M3 also includes support for different advertiser configurations, such as ajax loading of modules, external theme steering, Screen9 video and SEO support.


Sites built with M3 has really good performance thanks to intermediate storage (caching) of all data at multiple levels. M3 compresses and optimizes HTML, JavaScript, CSS to get a quick experience.

Moreover, with the M3 you only have one content URL, whether it is a desktop site and mobile site. There is no need for a special address for mobile sites, which is a clear advantage when sharing. The visitor always ends up on the right “expulsion” of the content regardless of device.

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