We have together with Mittmedia created a digital platform for the free newspaper Åreidag . In our connected society there was a need to offer visitors and residents in Åre a really good here and now service. Simply a constantly updated guide to everything that exists and happens at the resort. Åreidag launched to the season starting in winter 2014.


Åreidag is a paper magazine from Mittmedia with inspiration and information for skiers , nature lovers, birdwatchers, party people and life juggling families with children. The magazine is published 25 times per year, but unfortunately falls revenues from the magazine firmly, why Mittmedia decided to create a digital service – a mobile site – by Åreidag.


Å 8 o’clock


The vision of the digital service Åreidag is to become the leading mobile site at the resort to give users overview of what is happening in Åre – here and now. The service will answer the questions ; what happens , what can I do and experience in Åre today outside the slopes ? Of course they with the help of the new mobile site also want become the most attractive ad channel in Åre.

Target Audience

Mobile Site Åreidag focuses primarily on three target groups: Locals , visitors and the advertiser . The visitor should feel like a part of Åre , as a ” local” , and the locals will have a new channel to stay updated.


Å 17 o’clock

The project / idea & solution

The goal was to create a vibrant mobile site, with content that is updated several times a day and where the home page is customized by time of day. In the morning, it tells you what you can do during the day, while the front page of the evening will guide you to the city’s best après-ski . In addition, there are integrated pictures from Instagram from the hashtag # åreidag .


The content comes from four different guides from our Guide Maker product: Events , lunch , offers and articles . All contents are assembled into a mobile-optimized site with our Content Engine M3. Of course , there is also a digital version of a newspaper, an e-magazine created in E-magin


About Åreidag

Åreidag is a free paper published in Åre vicinity. The magazine is published 25 times per year and is published by the media group Mittmedia.

  • Interaction design
  • Design
  • System Developer (GuideMaker and M3)
  • Frontend Developer (html/css )
  • Project management
  • GuideMaker
  • M3
  • E-magin
  • Mobile site
  • Media

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