With our product Tulo E-magin, we have together with our client Reklambyrån STT created a digital version of their printed magazine Jaguarmagasinet. And the results are amazing. Over 100 new subsribers sign up with each new issue and all ads are soled out for the rest of the year.


The magazine Jaguarmagasinet is all about hunting and weapons. And all the gear that goes with it. It has news, long-reads and interviews with interesting hunting profiles. But the magazine face the same challange as basically all newspapers and magazines nowadays: Declining numbers sold and dropping ad revenues. They needed a way to attract new – and especially younger – readers, and to attract new advertisers.

Target group

Hunting interested men and women in Sweden. And advertisers – trademarks in weapons, clothing, technology and gadgets.

Project, Idea & Solution

We created a digital publication of the magazine with E-magin and added interactive YouTube content to enhance the reading experience. We have also created a special feature to collect e-mail addresses through the E-magin digital subscription module. This makes it possible to create an even closer relationship with the subscriber through, newsletters, text messages and such.

Another additional feature in Jaguarmagasinet is the generation of mobile offers through our product Tulo Loyalty: The reader gets a mobile coupon vis SMS when he or she interacts with an ad in the magazine. This creates both reader loyalty and generates a collection of mobile phone numbers, which is great for handling customer relations.


E-magin is built with Flash for desktop and with HTML5 for mobile and tablets. We are currently moving all device reader implementations to HTML5. For customer loyalty offers we use our product Tulo Loyalty.


– The first digital issue in january 2015 got 770 000 pageviews – and bumped to 1.1 millon in 2016.
– The magazine is based on e-newspaper and printed only in small volumes.
– Ads a re sold out for the rest of the year.
– Generates between 100 and 200 new subscribers with each new issue.
– “The timing was just right – ePaper with movable attract both readers and advertisers with new revenues and earnings ” The next step is to develop direct purchases from the e-paper.”

About Jaguarmagasinet

Jaguarmagasinet is a magazine from the Jaguargruppen, the biggest retailer of weapons and hunting in Sweden.

For more information, please contact Mathias Bång at Reklambyrån STT:
Phone: +46 325-47965

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