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The newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren (VK) has developed a loyalty program and a loyalty club using the Tulo mobile loyalty card. Deals are used to strengthen and deepen the relationship with the readers, creating value and building incentives to continue to be a subscriber.


Västerbottens-Kuriren is a Swedish newspaper and the leading news portal in Västerbotten. In order to maintain and further strengthen its already strong role, it was decided to focus more on customer retention and increase the value for the individual subscriber. In addition to news reporting Västerbottens-Kuriren wanted to deepen the relationship with its readers and give its subscribers a VIP-feeling, particularly in the form of relevant promotions and discounts.


The primary purpose of the customer club is to deepen the relationship with the readers, strengthen loyalty and create added value, simply by building incentives to continue to be a subscriber. VK is committed to provide its subscribers with attractive and relevant offers that are not available anywhere else.

A secondary goal is to provide the advertisers added value by being a part of the customer club. Which may also create greater loyalty among them.

Many offers that are advertised in the newspaper are unique. The only way to take part of them is to be part of the Customer Club. The Customer Club and the offers are also a motivator to activate the digital account at The goal is that 100 % of VK’s readers will activate their loyalty cards.

Target Audience

Subscribers of all ages.


Project, idea & solution

We have helped VK digitizing their Customer Club and connect it to a loyalty program and a mobile loyalty card (with mobile deals and mobile coupons). The mobile loyalty card is a mobile site that is always available to customers through their mobile phone. The registration for customer club is made through our product Payway. The user will receive a confirmation text message that loyalty card is activated. The loyalty card will be loaded with current offers and is managed in Tulo. VK works primarily with offers in the categories: travel, health, life experiences, store promotions and competitions. The newspaper is working to digitize the customer club users and get them to use offers even to a greater extent via mobile phones. Statistics on how deals are used are collected and monitored to evaluate the use of the deals and to provide feedback to advertisers.


Tulos loyalty products



VK gets more and more activated accounts and more visits to Most advertisers are very pleased with the outcome and get the response that they hoped for. VK has also conducted several surveys to get feedback from customers. Competitions to win tickets are attractive and add a lot of traffic to the site, for example.

– Many people are satisfied with the offers. Something that we have learned is that subscribers want to get more offers concerning culture and travel. “The most popular deal we had in the Customer Club was used by about 20 % of the members, says Frida Adolfsson, business developer at VK.

VK is working continuously with improvements of the customer club and wants, among other things, to focus on finding more major partners who have standing offers yearly.

– We also want to work more with “VK-event”, a service where our subscribers receive invitations to unique events, especially because it creates a “we-feeling”. In the long term, we hope to find a model to achieve greater profitability in the loyalty program. We believe in our customer club and will continue to develop it, says Frida Adolfsson.

Development forward?

VK has begun to work on a new and improved presentation to the readers and an improved admin. They see more possibilities to connect the customer club and loyalty card with the subscriber.

– We want to see what offers each subscriber uses to receive more information about them, in order to target individual offers out of their preferences. We want also to be able to register at individual level which offers to show and how much they have saved using the Customer club. It would also be good if we could control which reader have access to which offers, depending on type of subscription or subscription time. Geo targeting would also be great, says Frida.


About Västerbottens-Kuriren

Västerbottens-Kuriren is a Swedish liberal newspaper founded in 1900 with publication in Umeå. VK’s main news area is covering Västerbotten County with the exception of Malå, Norsjö and Skellefteå municipalities. The newspaper published its first issue on May 17th 1900. It is published every day, except Sundays. In 2013 the circulation was of 30 800 copies. VK is the majority owner of the competitor newspaper Västerbottens Folkblad. started in 1997. On two occasions (2007 and 2008) was nominated for the Great Journalist Award in the category Innovator of the Year.

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