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Tulo Loyalty is our product for creating long-term relationships with your customers. Our loyalty tools; customer clubs, mobile loyalty cards, mobile coupons, mobile campaign sites, SMS promotions, CRM/statistics can be used separately or combined on the basis of the loyalty program’s size and ambition.

A loyalty program is an opportunity for you to get to know your customers and create relationships. By understanding customers’ needs, you can personalize and position communication and offers. And reward your loyal customers. Of course it is possible to integrate our products to member databases, subscriber- and advertising systems and it is also possible to add single sign on to get a complete picture of your customer’s activities.


Customer Club
A customer club is an effective way to get to know the customer, build long-term relationships and increase customer lifetime value. Via Tulos loyalty club you manage customer relationships and get an easy and accessible loyalty program straight to your customers phone.

You quickly reach out with offers and news and gather at the same time information about your customers, such as gender, age, geographical location or interests. Of course you can follow up statistics and evaluate your efforts.

A newspaper can, for example, also create and sell customer clubs to their advertisers or partners to strengthen relationships with the local business and drive new revenues. Shops in shopping centers or malls can also join together and form joint customer clubs for mailings and offers.

Mobile loyalty cards
Replace the traditional plastic cards that clutter our wallets with mobile loyalty cards. Plastic cards are hard to find when you need them, easy to lose and it is difficult to see what deals are available on the card and when they are valid. A mobile card is always accessible, timely and relevant.

The idea of ​​Tulos mobile loyalty cards is to make it as simple, fast and cost-effectively as possible to create, deploy, and register for a loyalty card. The mobile loyalty card is a mobile site that we create separate or integrate with existing mobile site or app. You can register via sms directly to begin to receive offers and benefits. The customer receives a reply SMS with their mobile loyalty card and every time the customer presents their card there is an automated check if the client is an active member.

Offers linked to your loyalty card can be handled in Tulo or retrieved from external systems. Of course, you can connect to your existing loyalty cards.

Targeted SMS offers
Communicate with your customers easily via targeted SMS. You can reach your customers directly and can quickly reach out with relevant offers, news and important information.

Segment your SMS distribution based on for example gender, age, geographical location or interests. A really good service especially for time-critical products and impulse sale.

VIP offers
Reinforce relationships with your customers by offering loyal customers mobile VIP offers. By integrating your subscription systems or member database or by importing Excel files to Tulo you can send custom mobile tearable coupons instead of spending money on the distribution of paper mailings and coupons.

Simply send an SMS with your message or offer and just as easily remove it when it is not up to date by sending a new text message (or directly in Tulo). The function is possible to integrate with different Content Management Systems (CMS).

Mobile coupons
Replace paper coupons with mobile coupons, you are always accessible, timely and relevant. Most cards and membership is linked to mass mailing in the form of such coupons to be cut out and taken to the shop. The coupons are difficult to keep track of, the dates have often gone out when you get to the store and they are forgotten simply deleted or end up in the washing machine.

With Tulos mobile coupons, you can share rewards to your customers in the form of discounts, promotions, benefits, bonuses, based on their customer profiles. It is an easy and fast way to reach out with offers. Plus, no production and distribution of paper coupons. In Tulo you can create mobile coupons in the form of SMS vouchers and mobile sites coupons. The coupons can be tearable so that customers can only use the coupon once, of course, it is possible to get statistics on the number of downloaded and ripped coupons.

QR codes
Via Tulo, you can quickly and easily create QR codes for use in your marketing. QR codes are a great way to connect print and digitally. Direct links in the code gives customers shorter path to purchase and it is easy to measure activity and response to your marketing.

Mobile campaign sites
A mobile campaign site is simply a site that is specifically tailored for viewing on a mobile device and whose principal objective is to sell an idea, product or service or to gather information about your customers. And an easy way to get your offer stand out.

Having a separate page also makes it easier for message and content to reach the customer since there are no distracting elements. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to test new and dare to go a little outside the box.

We design and develop all kinds of campaign sites. You can also through our mobile site editor in the Tulo platform quickly and easily custom design and structure a mobile site.

CRM light
Get to know your customers so you can be more accurate in your communication and help meet customer needs. They stay any longer in the company, shop more and more often. Let our CRM help you to more loyal customers.

In order to provide added value to the customer, you need detailed knowledge of the customer, both current customer needs that behavior. With Tulo as loyalty base every movement that customer makes is collected. You can anticipate the customer’s next move and act on it.

By Tulos relational database (CRM) you can follow the customer’s digital footprints. When the customer signs up for the loyalty card, makes a purchase or downloads a coupon the information gathers in the relational database. You continuously build customer profiles making it possible to divide your customers into different groups, levels and target communication and offers to specific groups.

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