Published: 2023-01-16

Advanced campaign logic

For all of you who have a passion for subscription revenues, our advanced campaign logic will increase your digital growth. So get started today!

  • Campaign rules that define if the customer meets the criteria to buy a specific campaign.
  • Qualifying period that determines the time period that needs to pass before the customer can buy the specific campaign once again.
  • Flexible campaign logic that can pass over from a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly campaign into a daily, weekly, monthly, or regular annual package or campaign.  
  • Chain campaign logic is a campaign offering that starts with campaign X, which passes to campaign Y, campaign Z, and so on, depending on your setup, until passing over to a regular price. This is a great sales strategy when you want to build a long-term relationship between your customers and your editorial content while increasing the average revenue during this period. 
  • Retention/save-offer when a customer tries to cancel a subscription. Also, with support for chain campaign logic.
  • Age validation that enables campaign offers to a specific target group based on age. For instance, students or senior citizens.
  • Free trial campaigns (limited/recurring) for 0€ offers or free trial campaigns. Supported via Klarna and Adyen.
  • FUTURE: Fixed-date campaigns that provide access up to a specific date.