Tulo PayWay

Tulo PayWay is a powerful business platform for companies with business models based on subscriptions. We offer a solution that takes care of everything you need to manage your digital subscriptions, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most for your business, your products, and your customers.

We know your business

Tulo PayWay is the leading platform in Sweden and Finland today and is currently used by different publishing companies, such as media publishers, magazine companies, and content providers.

2,8 m end users

1,35 m SEK in daily turnover

Tulo PayWay is flexible to implement, from out-of-the-box solutions to a variety of powerful APIs – to help build your business model in the way you want. Tulo PayWay takes care of everything from your customer’s digital account to all transactions, and the whole life cycle of the subscription.

Click – Pay – Access

Your goal is to attract, convert, and retain your customers. Therefore, we offer various “out of the box” sales interfaces such as a check-out solution, paywall, campaign landing page, and marketplace. All with the main goal of making it easy and smooth for your customers to pay for a subscription. Also, with our powerful and flexible API´s you can customize your own solution, integrating the platform exactly as you prefer to make it fit perfectly with your existing eco system.

Tulo PayWay comes with a user-friendly administration portal. Here your sales staff can manage all packages, pricing, different offers as well as the sales interfaces . Customer service can also manage your customers and subscriptions. You also get our self-service solution where the customer can manage their subscriptions directly online, making your customer service easier to handle.


Tulo PayWay has a broad integration layer for flexible integration with the systems needed in an ecosystem, like CMSs such as Infomaker, WordPress, Drupal, Polopoly, Escenic and more. The integrations are based on the open standard OAuth2 for authentication and authorization.

For business data, there is a separate API layer to move data between different systems. We have integrations with subscription systems like Kayak, Infosoft, Cprofit, and other integration platforms.

Products & Pricing

Administer and display your products and packages in an attractive way and make them easily accessible and easy to buy.


No limits. PayWay is easy to integrate with existing systems due to its adaptive architecture, like subscription systems, customer databases and data warehouses.

My account

The customers own overview – showing the total engagement with you; account details, products, transactions and self-service where they can administrate their information.

Single Sign-On

The customer only needs to log in once to gain access to all systems. Limitations minimize the risk of your subscribers sharing their login, giving you better control over your readers.

Subscription sales

The sales interfaces are where your customers register, activate, and buy your products. With well-known payment providers in our check-out solution, paywall, campaign landing page, and marketplace your customers are guaranteed a safe and smooth buying experience.


Payway offers ready-to-use reports that can be exported to excel for follow-up. For more advanced analytics we integrate with several Data Warehouse solutions. Tulo Engage Data Platform will help you understand your customers behaviour and develop your business.

Attract, convert, and retain customers with flexible payment options.

Tulo PayWay integrates with the best payment providers aviable, such as Klarna, Adyen, and Billecta giving your customers a smooth and easy buying experience.

Tulo Shop

The Tulo Shop concept is our commercial interface for your end customers. We aim to provide an attractive, conversion-friendly, and sales-driven buying experience.

The Tulo Shop concept also comes with a brand-new confirmation page and pre-designed templates that can be adjusted to your preferences.

Tulo Paywall

The article paywall plays a crucial part in the digital subscription business, and a significant amount of digital conversion occurs here.

We aim to give your new, existing, and previous customers a simple, fast, and smooth buying experience


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Device and session limitation

Discourage your customers from sharing their account password instead of sharing their subscription.

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