Tulo PayWay

Tulo PayWay is a powerful business platform for companies with business models based on subscriptions. Tulo PayWay is currently used mainly by media groups and it is the leading business platform in Sweden and Finland. We have 2 million end users and a turnover of half a million SEK every day.

The flow in Tulo PayWay means that a customer creates an account and buys something, usually a subscription. The platform manages the account, transactions and the life cycle of the subscription. There is an “out of the box” solution with a purchase flow that is automatically created based on an offer and a customer portal. Here, end users can manage their cases, change tasks, manage their subscriptions etc. If you want to control the whole experience for the end customer, there is a powerful API to control the design and build your own business rules on the platform’s APIs.

Tulo PayWay has a broad integration layer for flexible integration with the systems needed in an ecosystem. Today there are integrations with solutions for CMSs such as Infomaker, WordPress, Drupal, Polopoly, Escenic and more. The integrations are based on the open standard OAuth2 for authentication and authorization.

For business data, there is a separate API layer to move data between different systems. Today there is integration with subscription systems like Kayak, Infosoft, Cprofit, Webabo and various integration platforms. More information about the APIs can be found here.

Tulo PayWay also includes an admin portal for customer service to manage customers and customer subscriptions. The work is simplified for customer service through self-service for the customer and the automation of tasks. In the admin portal, you can also easily package offers and manage campaigns.

Products & Pricing

Administrate and display your products and packages in an attractive way and make them easily accessible and easy to buy.


No limits. PayWay is adaptive to integrations with existing systems, like subscription systems, customer databases, and open for external payment solutions.

My account

The customers own overview – showing the total engagement with you; account details, products, transactions and of course the possibility to administrate their information.

Single Sign-On

The customer only needs to log in once to gain access to all systems. It’s easy, comfortable and enables one-click shopping. (OAuth2)

Purchase Flow

The purchase flow, or “paywall”, is the online shop. This is where customers register, activate and buy your products. An intuitive interface, safe payments through for example card and sms guarantees customer security.


Payway offers ready to use reports that can be exported to excel for follow up. For more advanced analytics we integrate with several Data Warehouse solution. Not least our own Tulo Engage Data Platform.


Tulo PayWay integrates with the best payment providers, such as Klarna, Payex and Bambora, to give you an efficient purchase flow.

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