More about the Tulo product family

The Tulo product family makes a complete business platform for digital media and is all about communication, relationships and sales. The Tulo products have been developed to help you create new revenue streams from digital services, to answer to your customer’s demand and predicts their needs.

Over the years, Tulo has grown into a market leader in mobile business in the Nordic media world. With more than 100 customers in the media industry, we are confident that we can help you make a difference with everything from subscriptions, payments, SMS services, creating great apps and attractive loyalty programmes.

The World of Tulo network

Beside writing code, designing great user experiences and developing brands, we work hard to expand the World of Tulo. One of those things is the World of Tulo network, where our premium customers share ideas and cases and learn from each other. This is where we discuss new business concepts – and also share the costs for development.

You will automatically be a part of the World of Tulo when signing up for parts of our Tulo product range. Or, you can pay a yearly member fee.

Speaking of shared development costs, how does it work, you might wonder? Well, like this: A significant part of the licence fees for our Tulo products is going straight back for development of new modules, concepts and features. As a member of the World of Tulo network, you can help to prioritize this development, so we do what is most relevant for your business first.
Furthermore: If three customers need a new feature to support their business, we split the development costs by four (three customers + Adeprimo). We call them pilot projects. Each customer gets the feature for a a fourth of the cost, and in return, the feature becomes a part of the World of Tulo product range.


Twice a year, we gather the World of Tulo premium members for inspirational seminars, facetime with business collegues and great food and drinks. We call them the World of Tulo Member Days. We have been in Trondheim, Norway, at the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, in Helsinki in Finland, by the ocean in Gothenburg and even at the Finnsh embassy in Stockholm.

Tulo basic & licensing

• All Tulo solutions require a basic licence for the Tulo platform and a suitable Tulo product or product packaging.
• The basic platform includes login, user rights, traffic and statistics.
• Tulo products are all cloud based, and include operations and administration.
• The products can be integrated and linked using internal and external systems such as member databases, subscriber and advertising systems.

Designed & developed by Adeprimo

The Tulo product family is designed and developed by the digital agency Adeprimo, based in Sweden and Finland. Adeprimo has been a solid business partner for the Scandinavian media industry for more than 15 years. We have always been in the forefront of business development, and we have the people, the knowledge and the drive to make a difference.

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Today, more than 100 media customers use one or more of our products. That makes us really happy!

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Tulo – Designed & developed by Adeprimo
Adeprimo är en digital byrå specialiserad på webb- och mobilutveckling.

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