We are World of Tulo

At Tulo, we have built and developed products together with our closest customers – within the media business. We are a passionated crew in Finland and Sweden, all sharing the same goal – building user engagement!

Tulo is part of the Adeprimo family, a digital agency specialized in web and mobile development. We are about 40 employees in 5 offices in Sweden and Finland: Stockholm, Västerås, Östersund, Örebro and Vaasa.

Today, more than 100 media customers use one or more of our products. That makes us really happy!

The World of Tulo Network

Beside writing code, designing great user experiences and developing brands, we work hard to expand the World of Tulo. One of those things is the World of Tulo network, where our premium customers share ideas and cases and learn from each other. This is where we discuss new business concepts – and also share the costs for development.

World of Tulo Member Days

Twice a year, we gather the World of Tulo premium members for inspirational seminars, facetime with business collegues and great food and drinks. We call them the World of Tulo Member Days. We have been in Trondheim, Norway, at the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, in Helsinki in Finland, by the ocean in Gothenburg and even at the Finnsh embassy in Stockholm.

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