Convert your PDF into a feature-rich e‑publication with E-magin

E-magin is our product for e-paper publishing and reading. It lets your readers dive into your printed products, on any digital device like a mobile, a tablet or a desktop. It has automatic uploads and easy management of your publications. And you can add interactive content as forms, videos and links. Enhance the experience with E-magin!

Features & Modules

Here are some of the most important features and modules in E-magin listed. And there are more…

Article Mode

This feature allows the reader to click on an article in the e-magazine and open it in a popup window to make the text much more readable.


A standard statistics and analysis in the tool or link to Google Analytics.


A refined search both in the e-publication and in the e-archive.


Archive containing all your previous e-publications. Can be presented inside the e-publication or as a separate external module.


Collect and present all titles via a bookshelf.


Auto or manual email distribution directly through the embedded emails system.

Logged Services

E-magin Member module protects e-publications as well as manages subscribers.

Embed Media

Video support from YouTube as well as slideshows.

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