Understand your audience with

Tulo Engage Data

Advanced behavior tracking combined with any data you need in the same place!

With Tulo Engage Data, we empower you to comprehend your audience and drive your business forward.

Consolidating your subscription and content data into a single platform enables deeper analysis and content customization tailored to your customers. By tracking which articles customers engage with, you can personalize content and enhance relevance.

Integrate all essential data sources to fuel business development and innovate new products using your data insights. Explore your business potential in a whole new light with Tulo Engage Data!

  • Integrate all necessary data sources for maximizing subscription growth.
  • Develop innovative products driven by data insights, including Activity Maps, Personalization, and Segments for Marketing Automation.
  • Leverage behavioral and transactional data analysis to predict and understand user behavior, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Have complete ownership and control over all your data.

The different kinds of data






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