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Published 2023-06-08

Minor Releases

4.7.0 (2023-05-29)

New features – PAP

Issues fixed – PAP

Changes – PAP

Tulo Shop

Our new product Tulo Shop has been launched and can be enabled in your stage environment. The Tulo Shop concept is our commercial interface for your end customers. We aim to provide an attractive, conversion-friendly, and sales-driven buying experience via the

The Tulo Shop concept also comes with a brand-new confirmation page and pre-designed templates that can be adjusted to your preferences. The Tulo Shop is easy to administrate from within the Tulo Admin Portal directly. 

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Campaign bulk management in BETA

This new logic enables you to group campaigns and packages into a single collection in the Payway Admin Portal. Thus, reducing the required work/maintenance when setting up new campaigns and packages. For example, instead of having to set up specific configurations on every package and campaign, you assign them to groups, thus reducing the amount of manual labor and minimizing the risk of human errors.

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Tulo activation

Tulo Activation is an application suitable for activating a larger amount of digital accounts with digital subscriptions for external companies and organizations with which you have an agreement outside of Payway.

You can use Tulo Activation to set up a separate activation site for a specific company/organization, allowing all of their employees/members to activate a digital account with a digital subscription. The activation site can be branded for your organization and the company/organization and accessed through your URL.

The application comes in two different flavors, file- and email-based activation.

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Reduce involuntary churn with Adyen!

Adyen´s Realtime Account Updater (RTAU) is a great way to reduce involuntary churn. RTAU is used to automatically update your customer’s credit card details when they are about to expire. Hench, if you are using Adyen payment provider for credit card payments, we strongly recommend that you should enable RTAU.

To enable RTAU you first need to contact Adyen’s support and then follow the instructions for additional data configuration here >>


If you already have enabled RTAU for your Merchant Account, please make sure that you have enabled the [Realtime Account Updater Status] under Developers > Additional data in the Adyen Customer Portal. Note that this setting needs to be enabled for every Merchant Account if you have multiple accounts.

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Published: 2023-05-15

Changing SMTP Server – Needs your attention.

Please forward this information to your Domain administrator or to who this may concern.

Tulo Payway will be changing the mail server that sends transactional e-mails to your customers. We will start testing this in the Staging environment in May 2023 and in the Production environment starting from June 1st. 2023.

This requires a change for you in your DNS record for the domain you are using as the sender of transaction e-mails in Tulo Payway. If you have multiple domains and don’t know which domain to change, please contact us for more information.

The following IP should be added to the domains SPF-record:

TXT-record example:

v=spf1 ip4: ~all

When the changes are done in your DNS, please contact support.payway@adeprimo.atlassian.net

Published: 2023-05-10

Minor Releases

4.6.9 (2023-05-09)

New features – PAP

Issues fixed – PAP

Changes – PAP

Changes – PCP

Issues fixed – PARP

Issues fixed – Payway API

Changes – Payway API

Published: 2023-04-20

Tulo Paywall

Our new product Tulo Paywall has been launched and is ready to be enabled in your production environment. The article paywall plays a crucial part in your digital subscription business, a significant amount of digital conversion occurs here. Hence, we aim to give your new, existing, and previous customers a simple, fast, and smooth buying experience

The Tulo paywall is easy to integrate into your articles and easy to administrate from within the Tulo Admin Portal directly, with no or minimal tech involvement. 

On worldoftulo.com, you can learn more about the Tulo Shop concept and watch a demo of our new product.

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Restricting access to Payway Admin using Tulo VPN

Restricting access to Payway Admin is recommended but sometimes challenging for smaller organizations without dedicated IP addresses. Using Tulo VPN you can now restrict access based on IP-address to Payway Admin.

Tulo VPN is a VPN-solution that lets Tulo customers connect securely to our services. Connected to the VPN you will have a dedicated IP-address when working with services on the “worldoftulo.com” domain, making it easy to access IP-address restricted Tulo services.

Startup fee – only 100 €.

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Tulo Engage Exporter

As you might know, most of the data created in Tulo Payway is available through reports in Tulo Engage BI. In addition, in Tulo Engage BI, you can create your own reports based on Payway data, which is included in the Tulo Payway license.

But what if you have your own data warehouse solution where you create your own reports and analytics for your organization? Could you get your Payway data into that solution so you can continue with your existing solution? The answer to that is YES.

Tulo Engage Exporter can be configured to regularly export your data to your own data warehouse. Currently, available destinations are: Azure Cloud Storage, AWS S3, and Google Cloud Platform, and it’s also possible to transfer directly to your SFTP/FTPS servers on-premise. 

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Published: 2023-03-31

Release notes

Payway 4.6.7 – Released 2023-03-27

New features – Payway Admin Portal

Changes – Payway Admin Portal

Issues fixed – Payway Admin Portal

Changes – Payway Client Portal

Issues Fixed – Payway Client Portal

Issues fixed – Payway API

Changes – Other

Published: 2023-03-07

Release notes  

Payway 4.6.6 – Released 2023-03-07 

New features – Payway Admin Portal (PAP) 

Changes – Payway Admin Portal 

Issues fixed – Payway Admin Portal 

Issues Fixed – Payway Client Portal 

Issues fixed – Other