Tulo Paywall

The article paywall is perhaps the most important part of the interface for your digital subscription business. A significant part of the digital conversion occurs here, which is why we have the ambition to create a simple, fast, and smooth buying experience in the paywall for your new, existing, and previous customers.

Our vision is to deliver a two-click-buy solution with Adyen and Klarna check-out that is easy for you to integrate on your websites with minimal development. Best of all? You can easily configure your paywall from within Tulo Payway Administration Portal. In addition, we aim to integrate payment profiles on returning customers via Adyen check-out.

Flexible layout and design choices

  • Use our pre-designed templates optimized for sales. Simple and clean design that can be applied regardless of your graphical profile.
  • Use your customized templates based on your graphical profile and website layout.

Choose your check-out solution

In order to accomplish the purchase from the article paywall, use our new and more conversion-friendly Tulo Shop concept or the existing purchase flow.

Coming soon!

Adyen & Klarna check-out integrated in article paywall.

Easy to configure your paywall

  • Configure your paywall template.
  • Choose the package, offer, and period.
  • White label – create your branding for each template.

Advanced campaign

Support for selling Packages, Campaigns, and Chain campaign logic. If visitors are logged in, the right offer will automatically be displayed using the chain campaign logic.

Conversion statistics via Tulo Engage BI


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