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B2B subscriptions

B2B Subscriptions <15

Tulo’s sharing logic empowers you to offer subscriptions with predefined offers and a specified number of sharing opportunities for smaller companies and organizations, up to 15 employees. You can easily configure the digital account sharing limits directly within the Payway admin portal. Additionally, you have the option to implement device and session limitations for enhanced control. This setup is particularly well-suited for small to mid-sized businesses, accommodating up to 15 employees, and provides a customized solution for seamlessly managing digital access.

What to expect:

  • B2B offer and marketplace: Easily configure specific business subscriptions directly within Tulo Payway and promote them through our marketplace in Tulo Shop.
  • Customized Check-out Experience: Our checkout process is designed to collect essential customer data required for business subscriptions.
  • Subscription Sharing Logic: Our Payway platform handles the complexities of determining how many digital accounts can be shared based on a specific digital subscription.
  • Access Management: Via My Account, the administrator of the subscription can manage which employees have digital access or not. All self-service.
  • Device and session limitation: Ensures that employees of the company cannot share the subscription.
  • Upgrade and Downgrade: The company can easily adjust subscription plans with Tulo Payments to add or reduce access for employees.

B2B Subscriptions 15>

Customized subscription offers for mid-size and larger organizations with 15 or more employees, where a more personalized sales approach and manual billing process are standard practices for most companies. Tulo Activation provides a solution for efficiently activating larger volumes of digital accounts for companies or organizations in such cases.

The organization or business gets its own activation landing page. Validation occurs based on a provided data file containing all active members or based on the company or organization’s domain. Subsequently, digital accounts and digital subscriptions are automatically created in Payway according to the agreed-upon period.

What to expect:

  • Personalized URL: Your organization gets its unique URL for the activation landing page.
  • Brand Exposure: Showcase your brand prominently on the page.
  • Customizable Communication: Tailor the messaging to align with your brand voice and objectives.
  • Layout Adjustments: Make minor layout modifications or apply custom CSS for a branded look.
  • Validation Process – two different options: Validation is based on a provided data file containing all active members or the company/organisation email domain.
  • Automated Account Creation: Once activated via the landing page digital accounts and subscriptions are automatically generated in Payway based on the agreed-upon period.
  • Subscription Synchronization: Subscription status is synchronized with the provided data file; members no longer listed will have their subscriptions deactivated automatically. However, their digital accounts will be retained for further processing as leads.

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