Published: 2023-03-01

Tulo Paywall (BETA)

Today we proudly announce that the first iteration of our new product Tulo Paywall will be launched as a BETA in the Payway stage environment. This is a big step in making it much easier for your tech organization to implement a paywall and minimize the time and resources it takes to manage your paywall over time. But not only that, your sales organization will be able to administer the whole paywall directly in the admin portal on their own without having to involve development resources, making time to market more efficient and less resource-consuming.

We are already looking at the next step, where the vision is to deliver a paywall with Adyen and Klarna check-out, enabling the purchase directly in the article. First up is Adyen.

Also, we are eager to get your feedback on the BETA version of the Tulo Paywall, so please make your way into the stage environment and try it out. Good to know; we have already prepared a staging API-client for you, named “Tulo Paywall” – all you have to do is to add your specific allowed origin url’s.

Are you interested to learn more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jimmie Guttormsson or Jan LaurĂ©n