Published: 2023-03-07

Release notes  

Payway 4.6.6 – Released 2023-03-07 

New features – Payway Admin Portal (PAP) 

  • Get news directly in PAP! When logging in to the PAP, you will be greeted by a news feed. This news will include what´s new and coming to the World of Tulo. Be sure to check back occasionally, as information is being published continuously. And don’t worry, your “customer service” section is still exactly where you left it. 
  • Added a new feature to purge the cache from your Tulo Shop. If you use the newly introduced Tulo Shop concept and have made changes to your marketplace, these changes will be cached and not immediately available. However, this can be remedied by purging the cache on a Marketplace or HTML Widget basis. 
  • Added a first Proof of Concept regarding grouping campaigns and packages as a first step to make bulk administration easier. This feature is still in testing and will not be active in the production environment yet. 

Changes – Payway Admin Portal 

  • Added more helpful information when receiving an “Invoice is missing in Payway” helpdesk message generated from unhandled Billecta payments. 
  • PAP: Extended the package- and campaign-based age validation functionality. While setting up the validation, you can select whether the post-purchase validation should trigger immediately or at the purchase period’s end. You can read more about this option here

Issues fixed – Payway Admin Portal 

  • Issue fixed where package upgrades would incorrectly allow you to select 0-price periods (0kr, or 0€). 
  • Issue fixed where package upgrades would pre-select the incorrect title, allowing no upgrades. 
  • Issue fixed where saving marketplaces without explicitly uploading a new image would remove the image. 
  • Issue fixed where the performance of the Marketplace V5 API would greatly suffer if many products were selected for a marketplace. 
  • Issue fixed where multiple tables would fail to display in the Safari browser. 
  • Issue fixed where the text of the “Enabled”-property when editing a payment period would act strange for Finnish organizations. 
  • Issue fixed where Campaign gift rules would sometimes not work for those who paid with VismaPay. 
  • Issue fixed where the package_change_completed event would never fire if the initial payment for the new product failed. 

Issues Fixed – Payway Client Portal 

  • Issue fixed where a customer’s name in Kayak would be overwritten if the name field was left empty in the activation flow. 

Issues fixed – Other 

  • Issue fixed where the Campaign API sometimes results in a 500 Internal Server Error. 
  • Issue fixed where we would attempt to export upgrades for products without an integration code, resulting in incorrect export errors.