Published: 2023-05-10

Minor Releases

4.6.9 (2023-05-09)

New features – PAP

  • Added the functionality to convert a customer’s account into a company account (and vice-versa).
    • This will allow you to set company-related information on an account and consider it a company account.
    • Furthermore, company accounts can also be converted back to personal accounts if needed.

Issues fixed – PAP

  • Issue fixed where the customer free-text search could not be used to find customers via their full SSN.
  • Issue fixed where the customer free-text search would not always return all results when searching by their full name.
  • Issue fixed where package- and campaign tags that did not exist could be added, only to result in an error message.
  • Issue fixed where Tulo Distribution would be automatically enabled if the distribution method or address were changed.

Changes – PAP

  • The column sorting functionality is no longer accessible for columns where there are double dates, as this quickly becomes a confusing experience.
  • Added a direct link to your Tulo Shop-page when listing your marketplaces (under a given marketplace grouping). Previously we have only displayed a link to the older M3 marketplaces.
    • Only applicable to those using Tulo Shop.
  • “Campaign groups” (also calledĀ Ranked campaign groups) have been renamed “Campaign ladders” within PAPĀ & Payway Docs.
    • Note: The Swedish and Finnish translations for these groups are unmodified.

Changes – PCP

  • Global self-service links will now also display under each subscription in the customer’s subscription list.

Issues fixed – PARP

  • Issue fixed where there would be some missing invoice information for Adyen – Klarna renewals.

Issues fixed – Payway API

  • Issue fixed where the eligible_for_campaign endpoint would return a 500 Internal Server Error if a package code were given.
  • Issue fixed where the payment_methods endpoint for Adyen would return a 500 Internal Server Error, if a period_id was given that did not match an Adyen payment period.

Changes – Payway API

  • Added an additional short_description field to the Create Campaign API.