Payway 4.7 (Minor Releases)

4.7.0 (2023-05-29)

New features – PAP

  • Added the functionality to view remaining accounts (if applicable) given a search term, when searching for a customer.
  • Added a new Developer role to Payway. This role will provide quality-of-life buttons/resources across Payway, easing the life of your developers.

Issues fixed – PAP

  • Issue fixed where lightboxes/popups would display a generic error message in multiple scenarios if an error occurred.
  • Issue fixed where customer service would be given the possibility to (incorrectly) cancel a non-tulo provisioned subscription, only to receive an error message.
  • Issue fixed where campaign purchase- and gift rules would display incorrectly if the products included in the criteria had expired.
  • Issue fixed where attempting to create a subscription intermission would result in an error page.
  • Issue fixed where the Billecta payment method configuration section would display possible payment methods incorrectly.

Changes – PAP

  • Tweaked the “View all” button, shown when there are rows that are currently not shown, for the following tables. This button should no longer appear if all results are currently shown.
    • Customer search
    • Subscription sharing
    • Helpdesk messages
    • Export errors
    • Package overview
    • Campaign overview
  • Added a new Display order to the cancellation reasons of Payway. This property will sort the list of available cancellation reasons, when being selected by your customers or customer service. Read more here.