Increase sales with creative campaigns and mobile-friendly payment methods!

The holidays are around the corner, bringing excellent sales opportunities. Converting subscribers and generating revenue during this time should be straightforward — anything less won’t cut it. Attracting new subscribers, keeping existing ones, and bringing back previous customers is what it’s all about in order to succeed.

Payway and the admin portal offer you the tools you need to reach your revenue goals and more. Set up creative offers and campaign logic for various sales channels and target groups, all from within Payway. For instance, customers can seamlessly transition from short-term campaigns (daily, weekly, monthly) to longer-term packages or annual campaigns. You can create a series of campaigns that progress from one to the next until finally reaching full price. Tulo has support for retention strategies and save-offers to stop customers from leaving. Free trial campaigns to attract new visitors and age validation for targeted offers. You can sell subscriptions via gift cards in Tulo Shop or use campaign codes. It´s all about your imagination and getting creative! Plus, Tulo Shop makes it easy to create marketplaces and campaign landing pages with a user-friendly check-out, all from within the admin portal.

Furthermore, in today’s business landscape, mobile experiences are often overlooked. At Tulo, we’ve seen 70% of subscription conversions happening on mobile right now. This highlights the crucial role of a user-friendly mobile experience, especially with mobile-friendly payment methods. Currently, Apple Pay is the fastest-growing payment service in Sweden, so optimizing mobile interactions becomes essential for your business. Tulo Shop offers your consumers a smooth user experience on mobile and Adyen has support for paying methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Swish, MobilePay, and PayPal.

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