My account gets a makeover!

On Thursday, the 18th of January, we are deploying the first in a series of changes to the Tulo Payway “My Account”-pages in the staging environment. The changes aim to bring the account pages from being a responsive web application to being a mobile-first application. The main change in this release is how the navigation works. We will progressively work through all the views during Q1-Q2 this year and make them mobile-first.

This change affects a lot of the HTML markup on the account pages. Suppose you have any custom CSS or used Google Tag Manager to manipulate the account pages. In that case, it is essential that you take this time to assess what changes you need to make to your customizations before we deploy this release to the production environment. The production release will take place on Wednesday, the 7th of February.

In this deployment, we are also introducing a new theme for the account pages that is more consistent with our default templates in Tulo Shop and Tulo Paywall. This new theme is more modern in its look and feel and more neutral to lessen the context switch’s impact when your user gets redirected to the account pages. This new theme will not be active by default in your Payway instance, but we would love it if you want to switch over to using it. Please get in touch with our service desk to test this new theme in the staging environment. For the future, we are considering making a theme picker available in the Payway Admin Portal.

  • We will deploy changes to the account pages in the staging environment on Thursday, 18th of January.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have custom CSS or GTM customizations, you must assess if your modifications will work when this goes live.
  • Deployment to the production environment is planned for Wednesday, the 7th of February.

Existing theme

New theme