Payments are the backbone of any successful subscription business, and at Tulo, we’re committed to staying ahead with the best solutions available. We firmly believe that the future holds exciting developments in the field of payments, and we see Adyen as a strong partner for the journey ahead. Tulo Payments is a step toward that future, leveraging the robust capabilities of the Adyen platform partner solution.

Here’s what this entails: Tulo will be using the technology from Adyen, with Tulo holding the contract directly, along with all associated administrative responsibilities. This means that your contract will be solely with Tulo.

So, what’s in it for you?

  1. Better processing prices per transaction: Enjoy competitive processing prices for each transaction.
  2. No deposition: Eliminate the need for any deposition.
  3. Effortless administration: Tulo takes care of all administrative tasks, including managing yearly SAQ forms.
  4. Comprehensive features: All features are automatically included, covering network tokens, account updater, and various payment methods.
  5. Enhanced Payway integration: Payments become an integrated Payway feature, opening up new possibilities for Tulo to refine the payment flow.
  6. Single point of contact: Have all your payment-related queries addressed through Tulo, without the need for an additional contract with Adyen.
  7. Seamless migration: Tulo manages the migration process with minimal effort required on your end.

With Tulo Payments powered by Adyen, you can expect a smoother, more streamlined payment experience, empowering your subscription business to thrive in the digital landscape.

Sounds interesting? Reach out to Sanjin Coralic for further details.