Tulo Paywall check-out with Klarna in BETA

Your visitors are on your site for one main reason — to read your content. When entering an article our goal is to provide the visitor with instant access to that specific content, ensuring a quick and joyful experience! 

We’re excited to share that we’re now integrating Klarna Payments directly into Tulo Paywall, which will give your visitors access in no time. Two clicks and then they enter the Klarna check-out.

Launched in August, Tulo Paywall has evolved into a simple and easy-to-use product. This product is fast to integrate into your site and removes the need for maintenance. Best of all, the Paywall is easy to configure directly within the Payway administration portal. You can easily change the offer in your paywall in no time, enabling you to be more sales-driven and limiting time-to-market.

Sounds good? Book a meeting and we’ll show you how this works. 

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