Update: Tulo Payway “My Account” Pages Upgrade 📱

UPDATE 2024-03-11: Planned updates for My Account are set to roll out between 9-10 tomorrow.

As previously communicated we have deployed the first of many enhancements to the Tulo Payway “My Account” pages in our staging environment. Our goal? Transitioning these pages from responsive to mobile-first applications for a seamless user experience.

🎯 What’s Changing? The primary focus of this release is navigation, with a progressive overhaul of all views planned throughout Q1-Q2. These changes will heavily impact the HTML markup on the account pages. Important: If you’ve implemented custom CSS or GTM customizations, please ensure compatibility before our release in production on the 12th of March.

🎨 Introducing a New Theme In addition to navigation improvements, we’re introducing a new theme for the account pages. This modern, neutral theme aligns more closely with our default templates in Tulo Shop and Tulo Paywall, minimizing user disruption when redirected to the account pages. On the 12th of March, the new theme will be activated by default in your Production Payway instance.

🔍 Test it Out We invite you to explore this new theme in our staging environment. Looking ahead, we’re considering a theme picker feature in the Payway Admin Portal for future customization options.

📅 Production Release: The production release has been updated and is scheduled for the 12th of March, so mark your calendars!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance the My Account experience. For any questions or assistance, reach out to our support >>.

Existing theme

New theme