Tulo Roadmap 2023

This is the ”companion-page” for the Tulo Roadmap 2023 questionnaire.

Features described below are proposals for roadmap and have not yet been planned for 2023.

Company domain subscriptions

Provides easy activation of digital subscriptions for employees/members in a company/organisation based on one or more company email-domains. Suitable for larger companies and organisations where the financial transaction occurs outside of Tulo Payway. 

Tulo Article Paywall

The article paywall is perhaps the most important part of the digital sales channels at your disposal. A significant part of the digital conversion occurs here, which is why we have the ambition to create a simple and smooth paywall that faces your new, existing and previous customers.

The goal is to deliver a one-click-buy solution which is easy for you to integrate on your websites with minimal development. Best of all? You can easily configure your paywall from within Tulo Payway Administration Portal.

Tulo Customer Self-Service Platform

A complete solution where your customers can manage all relevant parts of their subscriptions (including paper), combined with traditional account profile management and views for invoices, receipts and payments. It also gives the customer full control over devices/sessions for the account if device/session management is enabled.

The solution includes a customer service CMS with multisite functionality including forms and FAQ support.

Strong identification for invoice purchases

To make an invoice purchase in Finland it will be required by law to make a strong customer identification for the person that is doing the purchase. The identification process involves bank identification and/or mobile certificates in Finland. The law is not yet approved but will most likely be enforced during Q3 2023.

Distribution zone pricing

The conditions for conducting sales to print customers are constantly changing, in order to meet these changes and enable a more sustainable print business, we are developing support to charge for your distribution separately.

Additional payment methods

Adyen provides a lot more payment methods in their platform than what you probably are using today. In 2023 you can look forward to mobile friendly payment methods that reduces the need to enter credit card details, such as Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Discount codes

We are looking into reviving this feature during 2023, in its simplest form you can distribute discount codes which reduces the initial price on a specific subscription during a limited time.

Extended campaign management

Bulk management
Simplified campaign handling for organisations with many titles.

Fixed date campaigns
Create campaigns that provides access up to a specific date. For example:
Sign up today and read to the end of the month/year.

Device/session limitations

This feature can help you discourage your customers from sharing their account password instead of sharing their subscription.

You define a specific number of allowed active sessions per account. When the customer tries to login and this number is exceeded, a dialog is presented to the customer with an option to logout one of the other devices to continue the login process.

Administrative views for sessions is available for the customer as a self-service feature and also for customer service staff.

Requires Tulo SSO v2.