B2B Subscriptions <15

Tulo’s sharing logic empowers you to offer digital subscriptions with predefined offers and a specified number of sharing opportunities for smaller companies and organizations, up to 15 employees. You can easily configure the digital account sharing limits directly within the Payway admin portal. Additionally, you have the option to implement device and session limitations for enhanced control. This setup is particularly well-suited for small to mid-sized businesses, accommodating up to 15 employees, and provides a customized solution for seamlessly managing digital access.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Subscription Sharing Logic: Our Payway platform handles the complexities of determining how many digital accounts can be shared based on a specific digital subscription.
  2. Customized Check-out Experience: Our checkout process is designed to collect essential customer data required for business subscriptions.
  3. Access Management: Via My Account, the administrator of the subscription can manage which employees have digital access or not.
  4. Device and session limitation: Ensures that employees of the company cannot share the subscription. This feature adds an extra layer of security by restricting access to the subscription-based on device and session parameters, preventing unauthorized sharing, and ensuring that the subscription is used solely by the intended individuals.
  5. Upgrade and Downgrade: The company can easily adjust subscription plans when using Tulo Payments to add or reduce access for employees. This feature is not supported when paying with the invoice.
  6. Commercial widget: This can be used on the sales page as an entrance to a separate form for midsize and larger companies.


Default field configuration

To sell a business subscription, ensure you configure the default fields and activate the Company registration number and company package.

Sharing configuration

We recommend configuring Company Subscriptions by utilizing our sharing feature, enabling you to set up subscriptions with a different number of sharings.

Session limits

You can also employ session restrictions to increase the difficulty for companies and their employees to share login credentials.

NOTE: This feature requires a working SSO2 single sign-on implementation at your websites.

Commercial widget

As part of the sales process where a more personalized sales approach and manual billing process are standard practices, commercial widgets on the sales page can be used as entries to a separate form.

NOTE! The form must be set up separately on your end.