The check-out is designed to reduce friction. Our templates offer your customers a simple, fast, and smooth buying experience in the mobile.

The checkout page can easily be optimized for digital packages and campaigns.

Payment periods

When configuring the payment period you can choose more than one period. This will automatically be shown in the shop.


The CSS templates can be adjusted in the check-out. However, the HTML template is looked, since the flow includes complex logic.

Payment methods

Choosing the right payment method based on what package and offer you provide to the market is vital for your Subscription Business.

Choose your payment methods under payment options. (Instructions down below)

Payment Method Reuse

This feature will increase your conversions and sales. Make sure that you activate it.

Payment options

Checkout as a campaign landing page

A helpful tip is to utilize the checkout as a dedicated campaign landing page. You can seamlessly guide your marketing campaign from banners or emails directly to this sales flow. Access the link to the checkout under Packages & Sales and the specific Package or Campaign that you would like to use in your marketing activity. Click on Sales Links.

Example of how DN at Bonnier has set up a similar purchase flow from a banner, as you could do in Tulo Shop via the Checkout.

NOTE! Currently, configuring a marketplace is required to access the Tulo Shop checkout flow for a specific package or campaign. We are actively working on developing smoother methods for utilizing the checkout as a dedicated landing page.