Tips & Tricks

How to convert more online:

The biggest learning is the fact that you can learn from others, don´t reinvent things! 

  • Keep it simple – less is more. In any aspect of subscription sales and marketing.
  • It’s all about trial and error, you need to conduct A/B-testing to learn, learn, and learn. What works today does not necessarily work tomorrow.
  • Only collect the required data in that specific context and offer. An email and payment details are all you need from a customer who wants to purchase a digital subscription. Remove all unnecessary fields, this will increase the conversion rate.
  • Crossed full price next to campaign price (example down below) increases conversions. Many large media houses worldwide have come to the same conclusion. 
  • Make sure your wording is clear, specific, and action-oriented. Copy is essential and when done well can increase your conversions radically. Keep your headlines and copy short and direct. No more words than necessary. Including how to communicate terms of conditions. Recognition between the campaign exposed in different channels and the landing page is important; it needs to feel familiar to ensure visitors after their click.
  • A strong call-to-action that tells your audience what to do increases conversions. Visitors need to understand what will happen in the next step when they click. 
    • Subscribe now
    • View your offer
    • Read now / Keep reading
    • Yes, please!
    • Choose subscription here
    • Upgrade here
    • Buy xxx $
    • Next
  • Terms and communication that increase the conversion, especially when selling digital packages:
    • It is easy to unsubscribe, whenever you want.
    • It is easy to unsubscribe, directly online
    • Utan bindningstid (SE)