Tulo Shop

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders, Sales, Marketing, Developers


The Tulo Shop concept is our commercial interface for your end customers. Obtain subscription growth with our attractive, conversion-friendly, sales-oriented purchasing journey.

Configure the package or campaign you plan to present to your audience. Tulo’s Advanced Campaigns empower you to unleash creativity in your sales strategies. Stay updated on the available campaign logic options to make the most of your offerings. Explore further with Advanced Campaigns to discover more possibilities.

Based on your packages and campaigns you can configure your marketplace from within the Payway admin portal. A solution designed for flexible sales strategies and a streamlined process.

In addition, Tulo Shop offers pre-designed templates that can be set up directly within the Payway admin portal, limiting time-to-market and making your sales process more dynamic. You can also adjust our pre-designed templates or set up your version of the marketplace and confirmation page.

Get started

Note: Contact us to receive assistance with steps 1-3.

1. Choose your domain name and contact our support to proceed with the next step. Note! You can only have one domain regardless of how many brands are in your company’s brand portfolio.

2. Connect domain to stage environment (CNAME)

xxx.stage.domain.com -> tulo-marketplace-stage.azurewebsites.net
asuid.xxx.stage.domain.com -> 64F73F3D4F423A93B190BB0E75640F71AEBE40F9D35C1396D725EE50AAB8D437

3. The next step is to connect your domain to the production environment.

xxx.domain.com -> fd-tulo-shop-prod-hsgcd6brezggajhq.z01.azurefd.net
_dnsauth.xxx.domain.com -> Value will be provided by Tulo.

4. Adepimo configures The Shop with the chosen domain.

5. Set up the Offer(s) that you want to display (package or campaign).

6. Create a Marketplace and choose the offers.

7. Setup HTML-templates for the Marketplace and Confirmation page.

8. Setup CSS-templates.