Tulo Paywall

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders, Sales, Marketing, Developers


Tulo Paywall is our ready-to-use and pre-styled paywall solutions that give your customers access to your content in seconds – a quick and happy experience!

Tulo Paywall is easy for you to integrate on your websites with minimal development. Best of all? You can configure your paywall from within Tulo Payway Administration Portal. This manual will teach you how to do this.

Note! We also offer a plugin for WordPress sites. Contact us to learn more >>

Step-by-step setup.

Our recommendation when configuring your first paywall is to start with the Templates – Offers – Paywalls:

  1. Templates >>
  2. Offers >>
  3. Paywalls >>

Today we offer two different types of paywall solutions.

Tulo Shop Checkout

This paywall is a lightweight version that facilitates purchases through our Tulo Shop checkout. With the ability to customize both the Tulo Paywall and Tulo Shop checkout, your customers will enjoy a seamless and smooth purchasing experience. Both products also come with our default template, featuring the same layout for consistency and familiarity across your platform. Our Tulo Shop checkout supports payment methods via Adyen, Klarna (Payments), and Billecta. Learn more in the following sections of the manual:

Example 1: Tulo Shop checkout with Adyen and Payment Profile on card. (Logged in)

Example 2: Tulo Shop checkout with Klarna. (Not logged in)

Klarna Checkout

An integrated Klarna checkout within the paywall article allows end customers to purchase directly without leaving the article. With just two clicks, customers seamlessly enter the Klarna checkout process, ensuring a friction-free user experience.

Technical documentation

In our technical documentation, you’ll discover detailed information about the Tulo Paywall product and step-by-step instructions on how to seamlessly integrate it onto your website.
You’ll also find detailed information about how the campaign rules work.