Gift card in Tulo Shop

Gift card in Tulo Shop

The gift feature in Tulo Shop allows you to offer limited subscriptions, packages or campaigns, as thoughtful gifts or in the form of gift cards. This solution revolves around unique gift codes, empowering your customers to effortlessly acquire and share the gift of subscriptions with their loved ones.

With Tulo Shop, you have the flexibility to sell gift cards as part of a limited standard package or campaign. You can choose to establish a separate marketplace where the packages and campaigns can only be purchased as a gift, similar to renowned media companies like The New York Times. Alternatively, you can allow your existing packages and campaigns on the regular marketplace to be purchased as a gift.

Only limited offers

You can only sell packages as a limited offer as gifts.

NOTE! You need to configure the payment option in the Payway Admin Portal before you can activate these settings on the package.

How to set up gifts

Can only be purchased as a gift

Can also be purchased as a gift 

Field configuration

In the field configuration, you will determine the data you wish to collect from the gift recipient.