Packages & Campaigns

To set up a marketplace and get access to the checkout flow, begin by configuring the packages or campaigns you wish to showcase. The marketplace is ideal for selling two or more packages or campaigns. However, when selling a single package, it is more efficient to directly link to the Checkout flow for that specific package or campaign, minimizing the steps to conversion. In this section, you will learn how.

Setup Packages and Campaigns

  1. Title: Heading
  2. Image: Default is used if no image is available. (PNG, transparent, 500×400 px is recommended)
  3. Package/Campaign code: Used in URL to link directly to a package/campaign.
  4. Description: Used in the presentation of the package.
  5. Short description: Used to override product list display. Support for basic markdown.
  6. Product list: Product included in this package/campaign. Don´t forget to activate if the product is a paper product. Note! You can override the text from the products by using the field short description on the package/campaign.
  7. fr./alk/from: Displayed when the product/campaign has multiple price points.
  8. Price terms: Display your price terms text for a campaign. If you leave the field empty, Payways default price terms will be displayed.
  9. Price display option: This enables you to display the campaign percentage or regular price point.
  10. Tags: Popular labels on a package or campaign. This is set up on the specific package or campaign in Tulo Payway admin portal.

3. Package/Campaign code

Domain Structure: https://[subdomain].stage.[domain].se/[groupcode]/[shopcode]/[packagecode]
Domain Structure: https://[subdomain].stage.[domain].se/[groupcode]/[shopcode]/[campagincode]

Package or campaign configuration

In the Payway Admin Portal, you will configure the package under /product/package/overview/active

In the Payway Admin Portal, you will configure the campaign under /product/campaign/overview/active

Display options for Tulo Shop

This is where you can add your Price terms and set Price display options.

Activation of paper product

Don´t forget to activate if the product is a paper product.

Tip: After setting up a marketplace for your package or campaign, you can conveniently access all sales links, including those for the marketplace and checkout, directly from that specific package or campaign.

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