Tulo Paywall: Paywalls

When you have set up your templates and offers it´s time to configure the paywall placeholder.
Enter Marketing -> Paywalls -> Paywalls.

Create your paywall

  1. Choose the offer you have set up.
  2. Choose the template you have created.
  3. If checkout: Choose the template for the confirmation page.
  4. If checkout: Choose the template for error.

Key and Default


The key plays a vital role in determining which paywall appears in an article on the website. By utilizing the key, you can customize and display different paywalls on various articles, offering high flexibility with the Tulo Paywall solution.

For instance:

  • Implement various offers such as packages, campaigns, or campaign ladders with different authorization levels. For example, certain articles may require a basic package, while others may require a premium package.
  • Customize layouts and messages for special events like Black Friday.
  • Set up specific paywalls with tailored offers and communication for live sports articles or readers entering an article from Facebook.


The default feature can be configured within the paywall settings to display a predefined paywall when the website does not specify which paywall to show.

A placeholder

The paywall itself is only a placeholder for the offer you would like to display. The placeholder contains a package or campaign (offer) set by choice and templates.